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A lot of times, when I tell people that I'm Wiccan, they ask me what Wicca is. If you're not entirely sure, that's fine. Wicca is a Pagan religion which is based around the worship of Nature and the duality of all things. We do not worship a single god, in fact, we worship both the God and Goddess - they bring balance to the world, and we thank them for that.


To be honest, Wicca is a mostly eclectic religion, meaning that we "borrow" things from other religions, or interweave our own ideals into our practice. For example, some Wiccan use Greek mythology as their deity, often using Helios and Selene as the God and Goddess.

Paganism was around long before Christianity was instated, so when people call us Satanists, a lot of the time we will take offence. This is because Satan is a Christian invention and the epitome of evil. Wicca became more famous due to Gerald Gardner in the 1930's.

The word "Wicca" comes from the Old English word "wicce" (pronounced witch-eh, hence "witch"), meaning "wise woman". Despite this etymology, male Wiccans are also called Witches. We also abide by a set of guidelines known as the Wiccan Rede (see Related Pages).


Wiccans are mostly known for their use of magick, but it is not like the dramatic Hollywood magic. Magick is the taking of energy from our surroundings and directing it to a specific purpose. It is usually directed during rituals, and has different forms, such as candle magick.