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Esbats are small celebrations usually held at the Full Moon, during which we celebrate life, the Lord and the Lady. Generally, these are once a month, and each Full Moon has its own name.

  • January - Wolf Moon
  • February - Storm Moon
  • March - Chaste Moon
  • April - Seed Moon
  • May - Hare Moon
  • June - Mead Moon
  • July - Hay Moon
  • August - Corn Moon
  • September - Harvest Moon
  • October - Blood Moon
  • November - Snow Moon
  • December - Oak Moon

The only time there isn't a Full Moon once a month is when there are two - the second of which is known as a Blue Moon. It occurs roughly once every two and a half years, and is celebrated as a regular Esbat.

There are some Wiccans who hold Esbats at the New Moons as well as at Full Moons. Personally, I don't, but you can if you wish - after all, Wicca is personal and individual to each and all.


Sabbats are the bigger celebrations, more commonly known as Festivals. There are eight Festivals in total (dates for Northern Hemisphere):

  • Samhain - October 31
  • Yule - December 21/22
  • Imbolc - February 1/2
  • Ostara - March 21/22
  • Beltane - May 1
  • Litha - June 21/21
  • Lughnasadh - August 1/2
  • Mabon - September 21/22

Yule and Litha are also known as Solstices - where day is longer than night of vice versa. Yule is on the shortest day while Litha is on the longest.

Ostara and Mabon are also known as Equinoxes - where day and night are of equal length.