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Ether is usually known as Spirit, but so it's not confused with the Element of Spirit, I call it Ether - you can do as you please. It is the divine being that Wiccans believe in, and is split into two parts: the God and the Goddess. Both of these halves are, in turn, split into three.

God - AKA Lord, Green Man, Hornéd God, Father Time.

He is the masculine half of Ether, and often represented by the Sun. The tools that are sacred to Him are the Athame and the Wand.

Triune God

  • The Prince is associated with lust, youth, energy, wildness, impulsiveness, Spring and Dawn.
  • The King is associated with nobility, protection, dignity, justice, compassion, Summer and Day.
  • The Sage is associated with wisdom, power, counsel, experience, death, rebirth, Winter and Night.

Goddess - AKA Lady, Eternal Mother, Great Mother, Universal Mother.

She is the feminine half of Ether, and often represented by the Moon. The tools that are sacred to Her are the Pentacle and the Chalice.

Triune Goddess

  • The Maiden is associated with youth, purity, independence, enchantment, excitement, Spring and Dawn.
  • The Mother is associated with fertility, parenthood, adulthood, creativity, power, stability, Summer and Day.
  • The Crone is associated with the menopause, experience, wisdom, age, counsel, compassion, ending of cycles, Winter and Night.